Mission Connect Podcast

Mission Connect Podcast is all about connecting you to the Mission of God! We are so excited to launch this podcast and see how hearing from different people with different stories, that are living out the mission of God in everyday life, is going to transform our listeners!

Emily’s Announcement Podcast (MCP 58)

Emily's Announcement Podcast (MCP 58) Important announcement from our co-host Emily James! Emily is our director of development and training here at Passion to Reach Ministries and the co-host of Mission Connect Podcast. In this episode, she shares exciting news about...

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Leading Change with Pastor Brendan Witton (MCP 53)

Leading Change with Pastor Brendan Witton   (MCP 053) In this episode of Mission Connect, we discuss leading change in the church with Brendan Witton, Lead Pastor of Toronto City Church. He gives incredible insight and practical tools to millennials about leading...

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Questions for God with Jonathan Gallo (MCP 50)

Questions for God with Jonathan Gallo  (MCP 50) Questions for God with Jonathan Gallo Have you ever asked whether God exists? Maybe you question whether you really have purpose in God. We all have questions, but often we believe that it is wrong to question God. In...

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Hope for The Canadian Church-Mark Clark (MCP 49)

Hope for The Canadian Church-Mark Clark    (MCP 049) Re-published episode (MCP33): Our guest Pastor Mark Clark gives a charge to the local church, pastors, leaders, and all believers to live on mission for God; to have a radical change in our lives, sacrificial...

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Reaching Muslims with Renod Bejjani (MCP 48)

Reaching Muslims with Renod Bejjani    (MCP 048) Our guest in this episode of Mission Connect joins us all the way from sunny California! Renod Bejjani and his wife Karen founded IHOPE Ministries. Their mission is to inspire and equip Christians to reach Muslims. His...

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Finding Truth with Kimone Clunis (MCP 47)

Finding Truth with Kimone Clunis   (MCP 047) Do you search for meaning and purpose in your life? Have you looked into various religions to try to discover why you are here on this earth? Our special guest, a close friend and our co-worker, Kimone Clunis was there. She...

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